Cuidamos el Planeta

La Casa de Valérie wants to contribute to the protection of our planet. For this and using common sense, we apply very simple measures.

  • We avoid using plastic bottles. The water bottles used are glass.
  • We use tap water to fill the bottles in glasses.
  • For cleaning products, we use products such as white vinegar, cleaning alcohol, black soap …
  • We efficiently recycle waste.
  • The leftovers of breakfast are never discarded, they are eaten, donated or frozen, so we generally ask for the quantities and preferences to our hosts, the second day so as not to exceed the adequate quantities. Hard bread is given to a farm for its chickens.
  • The hotel’s soaps are paraben free.
  • The soaps given as gifts are made by Nina, a person who is dear to us and who takes care of our house in Madrid. She makes these soaps from recycled oil and natural plant essences.
  • Changes of towels and sheets are made more and more according to the needs of the client, respecting a minimum of three days for the first change.
  • We make our bicycles available to avoid taking the car for a short circuit.
  • We have a motion detector system for the night. All the lights go out at night.
  • Toilet paper is used until the end. Never throw a used half-roll.
  • All products used in our breakfast are local and of excellent quality:

For fruits and vegetables we go to the “Marché de Magali” “Talent régional2018 fruits et légumes”

For bread and rolls, our baker is the “Boulangerie de l’océan” a des gagnants of the Herriko baguette.

The cheese of the local cooperative of “Azkorria”.

The jams come from the “Maison Cassandrine”, the oldest jam factory in the Pyrenees that was founded in 1980, in the town of Nousty in the province of Bearn, a municipality located in the center of the triangle formed by Pau, Tarbes and Lourdes Between the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, it continues to maintain that ancestral tradition of making its handmade jams while respecting the recipes of yesteryear. It is the official supplier of the palace of the French Elisha.

For the delicatessen, all our products are “Iberico Bellotas” of Spanish origin.

It is also important to know that our Guest House is part of the “vacances et familles” program, offering free vacations to a family that cannot afford it.