Welcome to the House of Valérie

Ten years ago we lived in Madrid, we worked intensely in our consulting company and we led that busy and stressful life of the big city. But my dream was to be able to create an activity that brought together all my passions: the encounter with new people and from different cultures, living next to the sea, creating cozy environments with my own idea of decoration, cooking and speaking different languages. One day, on the beach, in a moment of interior analysis, my dream knocked on the door and I saw it clearly: I had to create a guest house.
So we packed up and left for adventure. First from Madrid to Saint Jean de Luz. For two years we lived in a house in the countryside with cows and horses ... they were like two years of retirement from the bustle of the business world and the city. But, thanks to my daughter's French teacher Elisa, who was the owner of this house and is also called Valérie, I was able to realize my dream and launch La Casa de Valérie. I had heard my destiny well.

The name of the House of Valérie really comes from the reality of the facts, my name is Valérie, the owner is called Valérie and the housekeeper is also called Valérie ... so it is really La Casa de Valérie, in the plural ...

This is the story of the House of Valérie.

All my family, Pablo, my husband, Alexis my son, Elisa and Noemi, my daughters, and I wish you a happy experience.

And don't forget it, never lose sight of your dreams.

Location and contact

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